We are the "Kängurus"

Since 2015 we deliver outstanding logistic operations.
Always on the move - for your move.

Sergej Schmidt - Geschäftsführer

Sergej Schmidt


"Since my holiday in Australia I'm fascinated by kangaroos. Hence, I transferred the positive characteristics of those jumping mammalians to Känguru Logistik.

Every single mover works according to our 3 keystones: Speed, Reliance & Care."

Michele Mücke

"Känguru" Consultant

"I grew up with a movers company and therefore got in touch with moves ever since I can think. The passion and engagement for people's moves is basically in my blood. As consultant I know much about the practical and the theoretical sides. Once I used to have an own movers company too but today I'm glad to work at Känguru Logistik and have more freedom to grow while keeping clients happy."

Michele Muucke - Umzugsberater
Alexander Schmidt - Teamleiter

Alexandra Leisner


"Mit über 10 Jahren Erfahrungen im Umzugsgewerbe, bin ich ein „Rundum-Sorglos-Paket“. Das heißt, flexibel im Umgang mit Kundenwünschen, hellhörig für Anregungen und Problemlösungen. Also pragmatisch, praktisch und einfach gut."

Alexander Lebsak

Office Manager

"As Office Manager I supervise business operations and support a big number of exciting projects.

However I also contribute to business development and conception of new ideas regarding our solution."

Alexander Lebsak - Büroleiter
Alexander Schmidt - Teamleiter

Alexander Schmidt

Team Lead

"I'm fond of my job as I travel a lot and get to know new cities, cultures and people.

At the same time I make sure that all moves go frictionless - eventually that means: happy customers and happy 'Kängurus'."

Moved with the Kängurus